Staff team

Ayal Dinner, Executive Director /

Ayal has a background in community work, food security and food production.  As a founding member of the West End Food Co-op and Sorauren Farmer's Market.

He has served as an active member of the Parkdale Food Network since its inception, and sits on the board of the Parkdale Land Trust. 

Prior to working at the West End Food Co-op Ayal worked as a community food animator with FoodShare where he developed and supported community food projects with marginalized communities in Toronto.

In 2012 Ayal received a Diamond Jubilee Award presented by MP Peggy Nash – for his contributions to the community through his work at the West End Food Co-op.

He lives in the West End of Toronto with his partner and 2 kids and is an active participant in local community initiatives, schools, and projects. When he isn’t working he is most likely to be found riding his bike, or shopping at a farmers’ market with his kids.

Monique Kelemen, Program Coordinator

Monique has been working with Greenest City since 2013.

She previously worked in radio, but quickly learned she would rather build community instead of just talking about it.

Monique been fascinated by the food system since participating in a 2000km bike ride visiting small-scale, organic agriculture sites around Ontario with the Otesha Project. It was on that journey that she first visited Greenest City.


Ashley Edwards, Community Program & Admin Assistant /

Ashley Edwards joined Greenest City in 2016.

Her journey started within the culinary arts and expanded into volunteering in different community gardens to learn more about food. 

She is passionate about life sciences, community engagement, and urban agriculture. 

Board of Directors /

Chair Stephanie Nixon

Vice-Chair Kiona Sinclair

Treasurer Tanya Pausch

Secretary Kevin Wentzel

Directors: Abe Dyck, Dan MacKinnonLeila Sarangi, Chelsea Longaphy, Susan ArmstrongKevin Stephney

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